Ting Tang Teng Tong


When I speak to you, you understand
You nod your head, when you've heard what I've said
But what if I tried some different words
You may think that they are quite absurd

Ting Tang Teng Tong
Ziggle Zaggle Ig Ag
Bickle Cickle Ickle Mickle
Fing Fung Fong
Melly Felly Fip Fop
Wiffy Woffy Wip Wop
Hoffee Moffee Soffee Woffee
Bing Bong Boooing

Now that you heard them what do you think?
Should we throw these words down the kitchen sink?
Or maybe add some new ones but then again not
I think that already we have quite a lot


The words that are sensible are the ones mostly said
From the time that you get up, to the time you go to bed
But which are the ones you prefer to use?
When you get the chance to pick and choose ...because I like

CHORUS (repeated)