Snow White & the Prince


Snow White lay so still on a lonely lonely hill
Seven dwarfs kept their watch around the coffin they sat
The wind blew the wind blew the night was eeirie and black
Snow White they loved her still but she’s never coming back

The day dawned morning broke no strangers passed that way
O wicked Queen wicked Queen see what you have done
She was the fairest the fairest of them all
The seven dwarfs bowed their heads until the day was done

The next day there came a prince mounted on his steed
He saw Snow White and fell down on bended knee
He lifted and held her, then kissed her rosy red lips
A piece of apple fell to the ground and Snow White opened her eyes

The Prince gazed in wonder at this girl who he thought was dead
He asked her to be his bride and this is what she said
‘I love you I love you, forever we shall live’
Happy together still that’s how the story ends