The Planets


Mercury Venus Earth and Mars
Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune
All orbit around the sun
All orbit around the sun

Mercury is very very old
The days are hot, the nights are cold
Neptune is the one furthest from the sun
No one’s ever been there and they never ever will


Venus is the one that shines so bright
And you can see her in the day or the night
Mars is closer by, the red one in the sky
Jupiter's the oldest, and the biggest of them all


Galileo Galilee
The planet we call Saturn, he did see
With her rings of green and blue, a touch of yellow too
And then there is Uranus made of ice and coloured blue

But Planet Earth is the only one with life
It's fragile and the perfect place to be
The flowers and the trees, the birds, the fish, the bees and
A moon that shines so brightly on the people down below but