Nutrition Blues


Just give me peanut paste with the crunchy taste
And some honey spread on my bread
Or maybe jellybeans with some pink icecream
And some chocolate crackles instead
And while I’m doing this I don’t wanna miss
All my favourite shows on TV
I’m gonna pull up a seat, stick up my feet
Help myself to a treat

Monday night - spinach pie
Baked potatoes, sour cream
Stuffed tomatoes, brussel sprouts
I don’t wish to sound too mean
(He don’t wanna sound mean)


Tuesday night – pumpkin soup
Wednesday night – cabbage rolls
Thursday night – mushroom quiche
And Friday night, it’s casserole
(Friday night it’s casserole)


Listen please I need a break
‘Cos I don’t know if I can take
Any more healthy food
I think I’ve got nutrition blues
(I think he’s got nutrition blues)