This Little Pig


This little pig went to market
This little pig stayed home
This little pig he had roast beef but
This little pig had none.

First little pig who went off to market
Brought home his friend John Cleese
And soon as were able sat down at table
Ate up the bread and cheese.

Pig number two well he was the shy one
He liked to stay at home.
He did the cleaning, washing and ironing
He gave the dog his bone.

Third little pig now he was a fat pig
Plump as a pudding was he
Roast beef for breakfast, roast beef for lunch
Then roast beef for afternoon tea.

The last little pig well he didn’t really have much
He didn’t really have much at all.
He moped around the house with a sad look on his face
Unlike Cinderella he never went to the ball – and he said

I’ve never been to the market
I’ve only ever stayed at home
I’ve never ever had roast beef
I’ve never had anything at all

This little pig shall go to market
This little pig shall leave home
This little pig shall have roast beef
This little pig shall have it all.