Once two step sisters went to a ball
Each thought that she was the fairest of all
The third sister stayed home weeping and dressed only in rags
Poor sweet Cinderella she was so kind but she was so sad.

Her fairy godmother moved by her tears
Said “You shall go too, so please do not fear”
Her fairy godmother took her wand and her rags she changed into gold
The Prince he was enchanted by her and so the story is told

They danced and they danced around the room
The Prince he fell in love but soon
The clock in the ballroom did chime
She hastened away just in time.

The next night there once again was a ball
And Cinderella was the fairest of all
The Prince smiled as he danced and held this young girl close in his arms
Ne’er before had he met someone with such grace, beauty and charm.

And they danced, and they danced so perfectly
In a world of their own, then suddenly
Once again she slipped away
The Prince watched her go with dismay.

But she left her glass slipper on the palace steps outside – the prince said
“The girl who can wear this surely will be my bride”
And you know of course that’s just how this fairy tale story it did unfold
Sweet sweet Cinderella married her Prince so handsome and bold. La la la

La la la ………………………..
They danced and they danced into the night
The moo was full and the stars were bright.
La la la…………