Ticketty Boo


CHORUS (sing twice)
Rinky Dinky Ticketty Boo
Honky Donky Zocketty Zoo
Rumpy Bumpy Clacketty Clue
You like me and I like you

If you say yes (say yes) and just agree (agree)
I will bring you a cup of tea (slurp)
And if you like (you like) watch some TV (TV)
Sitting on the couch just you and me

CHORUS (sing twice)

And if you want (you want) maybe I’ll make (you’ll make)
A very scrummy Christmas cake (mm)
It’s not too hard (not hard) it won’t take long (not long)
And while it’s baking I’ll sing this song

CHORUS (sing twice)

Maybe because (maybe) it’s that time of year (could be)
When people are full of Christmas cheer (cheers)
Or maybe it’s just (ah ha) things that you say (oh yeh)
Cos when I’m with you I feel okay

CHORUS (sing 3 times)

You like me and I like you
You like me and I like you