Music of the Day


Look at the sky on a blue cloudless day
Captured in the glow of the sun’s golden rays
Stand on the earth on the brown eternal earth
And touch a blade of grass fresh and green.

You can see all this handiwork always on display
The grass always green the sky sometimes grey
You can breathe in the air listen to every sound
Can you feel a sense of wonder all around?

Sing birds sing, shine sun shine
Listen to the song and look for the light
Sway treetops sway, blow winds blow
Teach me harmony to the music of the day
Teach me harmony to the music of the day

Look at the sea in the midst of the morn
Run to the sands watch the waves rolling in
There is peace on the shore, there is laughter in the wind
Where I see the seagulls call, my freedom begins.