Down In The Bathroom


Down in the bathroom he looks so sad
His friends say, ‘Aw come on cheer up, it’s not that bad’
You’ve had a good life you’ve had your day
But now it’s time to be thrown away

How could they do this, do this to him?
You don’t put your friends in the rubbish bin
He has his feelings, he has his pride
It’s enough to make you break down and cry

He’s a really nice toothbrush (echo)
Luverly toothbrush (echo)
Hard working tooth brush (echo)
Friendly old toothbrush (echo)
So how can you possibly throw him away?

I know he looks shaggy, I know he looks tired
But he can still do the job, he doesn’t need to be fired
He’ll brush off your plaque at the end of a day
So please don’t throw, don’t throw him away


His bristles may be worn, his head may be scarred
But you won’t find another who will work quite so hard
So throw away your toothpaste, try another brand
But don’t discard a friend, he just won’t understand

CHORUS (repeated)