Thelma Brown Lived In A Zoo - product

Thelma Brown Lived In A Zoo


Here are 25 animal songs for kids, from Peter Combe, Australia's original and classic children's singer/songwriter whose ground-breaking album "Toffee Apple" was the first to be awarded an ARIA for Best Children's CD. Peter has since won two more ARIA Awards.

This CD contains an 8-page booklet with all the song lyrics.

1. Thelma Brown Lived In A Zoo
2. Little Doggy
3. Juicy Juicy Green Grass
4. Koala Ko
5. The Three Little Pigs
6. George Cryolot Crumble
7. The Billy Goat's Gruff
8. Cats
9. Tadpole Blues
10. Kangaroo Hop
11. Monkey In The Teapot
12. Very Strange Cat
13. This Little Pig
14. Hadrian's Wall
15. Oscar And Mr Hairy Gorilla
16. Dr McKew
17. Kangaroo Kangaroo
18. The Mixed Up Song
19. Fishy O Fishy
20. Frog On Your Head
21. The Pied Piper Of Hamelin
22. All My Silkworms
23. Err Yuck!
24. Little Caterpillar
25. Elizabeth